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Blog Discussion

The first blog I looked at was The Caucus, a blog based out of The New York Times, its focus is primarily on the political and government landscape in America. Topics range from Obama pushing for clean energy in states like Pennsylvania, to former governor Sarah Palin declining an invitation to the Conservative Political Action Conference. A conference where Republicans often go to seek support for a presidential nomination. The author also discusses the implications of who may or may not run on the Republican ballot next election. The author did not seem to respond to any comments but there were a lot of discussions within the comments section. While the site had a good design and flow, there was no interaction between the author and readers. The site had links to related articles  that were both on and off the host site, it also had a blogroll of other good sources. Overall the blog seemed a little too mainstreamed and was useful to finding well-developed stories, but wasn’t the kind of site that had a more personal touch and conversational tone. To improve this site, there needs to be an increased presence by the author to readers and add more multimedia works to it as well.

The second blog, Rhetorica, which provides commentary on rhetoric, propaganda, biases, and spin of journalism. Articles cover subjects such as changes happening in the online journalism world, the wording used on a healthcare repeal that referenced job-killing, and citizen journalism gone wrong. Discussions on how bloggers go by the “my blog, my rules” mottoand that they may need to create a blogging policy so the blog can be taken seriously. The author commented with readers providing further discussing and criticism to each article. The site wasn’t very easy on the eyes, but the articles were very easy to read and scan through.The author posts regularly and has a blogroll of other other related sites. The posts were nice and short, and kept an informal tone throughout the articles. The blog was not that pleasant to look at and I’d like to see a more refined and smoother interface. Other than that, the blog met my expectations and got the information it wanted to across.



  1. christophermundie
    February 5, 2011 at 8:27 am

    One of the blogs I covered had a poor web design, too. Some bloggers and websites do not fully understand the importance of having a smooth design. If the design looks unattractive, then it will suffer through low views. I could see why the blog I chose had little comments, just with the shady design alone as the primary reason.

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